6. SAT Scores





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Another education related demographic—SAT scores, had the potential for reasonable correlations for several reasons. Logically thinking, those living under the poverty level (who predominately show a higher prevalence of AIDS) would not have enough money to pay for an SAT tutor, or even ultimately for college.

Thus, it is conceivable that these people place very little emphasis on furthering their educations, leading to a lack of regard for test scores. Also, for those in the less fortunate areas of Hartford County, the school systems are generally not as strong. This could contribute to lower scores.

SAT Math-   

SAT Verbal-


There is indeed a correlation between SAT scores and AIDS rates, and the correlations were    -0.6573 for the math section and -0.6886 for verbal, more or less showing that as SAT scores decrease, the AIDS rate increases.