9. Conclusion





introduction (1)

race (2)

median household income (3)

poverty levels by race (4)

high school dropout rates (5)

SAT scores (6)

other education (7)

drug abuse violations (8)

all maps (10)

all scatter plots (11)

bibliography (12)




This paper made evident that the factors of ethnicity and race, poverty level, and level of education all seem to be interrelated and therefore cooperatively contribute to the higher rates of the AIDS virus in Hartford County. The use of IV drugs seems to be a crucial factor in the transmission of the disease, and one that is probably related to these other factors as well. With an overwhelming AIDS rate, Hartford proved to be an outlier in every single scatter plot. It is clear through this data that the inner city of Hartford presents the largest problem in the county. Despite this, the scatter plots also show that when the capitol city is eliminated, there are still problems (especially in New Britain, Bristol and East Hartford). The overwhelming numbers of teenage pregnancies and the seemingly under funded and inadequate education systems in some of the towns (including the inner city) pose significant problems.

With a newfound and thorough awareness of the particular issues that need to be solved in Hartford County, the only thing to do is find the possible solutions.