5. High School Dropout Rates





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After evaluating the effects of ethnicity, race, and relative poverty on AIDS, one must examine the direct inverse relationship between education and the rate of the virus in Hartford County.

‘High school dropout rates’ seemed a good place to start. Previous correlations (of race and economic factors) could easily be linked to the frequency of high school dropouts, and display significant relationships. More than likely, those in less affluent and generally more racially diverse   areas would probably show higher dropout rates.

A positive association exists between the AIDS rate and high school dropout rates in Hartford County, at 0.6006. This association may have been weakened by surprisingly high dropout rates (8.4) in West Hartford and in Newington (10.9). This is surprising, especially considering both have very low AIDS rates, at 163.55 and 129.67 respectively.  The association between AIDS and dropout rates would likely be more statistically significant if these two towns were excluded. The rest of the towns, Hartford, New Britain, Manchester, and Bristol, were all, as expected, on the higher end of the statistics.