2. Race in Hartford County





introduction (1)

median household income (3)

poverty levels by race (4)

high school dropout rates (5)

SAT scores (6)

other education (7)

drug abuse violations (8)

conclusion (9)

all maps (10)

all scatter plots (11)

bibliography (12)



Research from the first paper led to an abundance of calculations of the racial distribution of the area. Most importantly, 29.1% of the Hartford County population is white, 33.6% is black, 36.6% is Hispanic and 0.7% is other.

After finding the ethnic/racial backgrounds of each town in the county, each rate/ethnicity (white, black, Hispanic) needed to be correlated with the AIDS rate for each. The white population had a correlation of 0.24173097, which is under the statistical significance level. While this does not say that no correlation exists, it shows that the relationship is fairly weak. Regarding the black and Hispanic populations, the correlations were 0.9811 and 0.9739 respectively. These associations are very strong; indicating that the AIDS issue in the Hartford County area is highly linked to race, since the disease’s prevalence is overwhelmingly concentrated in the non-white populations.