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Project 3

Drug use and its effect on Women

Drugs and Syringe Exchange Programs


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Current Efforts


In New York City, although many HIV/AIDS care centers exist, according to, none exist in my zip code (10457; 1). There are only nine centers aimed specifically at women with HIV/AIDS, but none exist in the Bronx. One center in a neighboring zip code, 10456, Project Achieve, primarily focused on MSM (men who have sex with men) and women through heterosexual exposure but now accompany all female sexual orientations, but does not cover drug treatment. One center in the same zip code, the Argus Community Inc. Access Program provides a multitude of services including drug treatment, showing there is help available (13).  Although many programs like Argus help the community, according to the statistics it is not helping. Although these programs try their best to aid the community, the AIDS rate will continue to increase unless more people take action.