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Project 3

Drug use and its effect on Women

Drugs and Syringe Exchange Programs

Current Efforts


Education and the Church

Plan of Prevention






            There is only one real limitation here; a lack of advertising will lead to a lack of use of these programs. People were uninformed about obtaining needles (8), which could hinder an SEP. Instead, having a mobile SEP would cost gas daily, but it would reach a wider area. Instead of people traveling to the SEP, the SEP will come to them. Another limitation is that people might not visit health centers in their own zip code, regardless of how big the city is. One would travel to other zip codes to avoid being spotted, and this in itself can discourage the use of these programs. One limitation about discussing AIDS and topics related to sex in the classroom is that the parents of these adolescents might not approve of their child’s education. A major limitation would be a lack of money for the health center, but the only truly expensive task it will undertake is the counseling service for women because counselors need to be hired to save these women who are either addicted to drugs or severely depressed.

            Throughout my AIDS experience, I uncovered many things about my home. The Bronx is a literal ground zero in combat with HIV/AIDS. All of the data I gathered in the past month has led me to believe that the Bronx has one of the worst cases in the United States. Correlating values of poverty exclaimed that the poor in the Bronx are most affected by AIDS. Poverty is too big of a task to fix by an independent group. The next best thing is to fight the virus through prevention and hope for success, but without any effort the virus will destroy my home. Through gathering awareness of the situation and education, more people will be able to avoid the AIDS epidemic until it is finally annihilated.

Image taken by Steven Mohammed, 2007