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Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion,
Director, Middle Eastern and Islamic Civilizations Studies (MIST) Program

Colgate University. (1999-)

*I am currently the co-chair of the Study of Islam section at the American Academy of Religion.

*I have been nominated each of my first six years at Colgate University for the "Professor of the Year" award.

*Promoted to Associate Professor, Fall 2004.


Mailing Address:

Omid Safi

13 Oak Drive

Department of Philosophy and Religion

Colgate University

Hamilton, NY 13346








Office Phone:

(315) 228-7690




Office Fax:

(315) 228-7998


Educational Background:

Research Interests:

I have three primary areas of research, which do overlap to some extent:

    *I have been translating the Tamhidat of Ayn al-Quzat Hamadani for a number of years. This work is under contract with the Classics of Western Spirituality Series of Paulist Press, edited by Bernard McGinn.


Teaching Experience:

Academic Position:     
Associate Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Colgate University (2004-)
Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Colgate University (1999-2004 )

Previous Positions:     
Lecturer in Department of Religion, Duke University (1992-4, 1995-1999)
Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies, Meredith College (1994-1995)

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 Areas of Expertise:
·Contemporary Islamic Thought; History of the Islamic Middle East in the Medieval Period; Classical Discourses of Islamic Thought; Rumi; Persian Poetry, Islamic Mysticism

Areas of Competence:
·Gender, and Sexuality in Islam; Theory and Method in the Study of Religion; Asian Religions; Middle Eastern Cultures and Literatures


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Courses at Colgate University

Courses at Duke University:

·Asian Religions, Introduction to Islam, Women and Islam, Pre-modern Islamic Civilization,     Modern Islamic Civilization

Courses at Meredith College:

·World Religions, Islam, Women and Islam, Sufism

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Awards and Grants:

Teaching Awards:


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In Print


The Politics of Knowledge in Premodern Islam, 
(Chapel Hill:  UNC Press, 2006).


Progressive Muslims: On Justice, Gender, and Pluralism.

Omid Safi, ed. (Oxford:  Oneworld, 2003). 

Translations into Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Malay, Indonesian, French in progress



Commissioned Manuscripts Under Contract, In Progress

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In press (individual book reviews)

Commissioned Book Reviews, In progress:

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Community Service and Public Intellectual Work:

·                     Since 1999, I have given some 400 public lectures and interviews dealing with Islam, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, US foreign policy, religion and fundamentalism, feminism and Islam, religion and violence, religious pluralism, social justice, peace activism, etc.    These have ranged from leading discussion in local churches, synagogues, and mosques to lectures for a host of civic groups, universities, high schools, libraries, etc. 

·                     I have also been very involved with local as well as national media.  A sample of the work that I began on 9/11 can be accessed at   I would be delighted to provide a more detailed list of these activities upon request.


    Social and Political Commentary:


Community involvement (Colgate, Hamilton, Universe):


Community work, in the light of the tragedy of 9/11 and the aftermath

In the aftermath of 9/11, I have given over 400 interviews, public lectures, talks at churches, mosques, and synagogues.   I have lost track of all of them (esp. the ones after Dec. 2001), but here is a sampling.  If I can be of any service to your group and help bring some mutual understanding, get in touch with me.


Linguistic Ability:

Pas zabân mahrami khod digar ast
ham-deli az ham-zabâni behtar ast


the language of intimacy
is something else...

Better to be of the same heart
than speak the same tongue."




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