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Web pages of other professors teaching Islamic Studies:

* Alan Godlas, University of Georgia:

(The above web page is widely considered the best, most extensive, and most up to date resource for Islam on the web.)


Jerome W. Clinton's "Al-Khazina: The Treasury", Princeton University:

Jamal Elias, Amherst College:

[Shahzad Bashir's former page, at Holy Cross is being updated to reflect his new (mabruk!) position at Carelton College].

Barbara Von Schlegell, University of Pennsylvania:

Taffy Bodman's massive filmography at UNC of the Middle East and Islamic World:





Useful web pages for Religious Studies:

Gene Thursby's tremendous web-page for study of various world religious traditions:

Web-page for discussion of theoretical issues in study of mysticism:

The AAR syllabi project:




Academic Institutions focusing on study of Islam and Religious Studies:

Middle East Studies Association:

American Academy of Religion:

American Oriental Society:



Islamic Texts (Qur'an, Hadith, etc.) available on-line:

Search Engine for the Qur'an:

Another Word Search Engine for the Qur'an:

Introduction to Hadith, and collections of Sunni Hadiths:



Useful web page for downloading Arabic fonts for Macintosh:

The Arabic Macintosh, developed by Knut Vikor:




Sources for books and audio/video material

dealing with Islamic Studies


The state of available material dealing with Islamic studies has indeed improved drastically in the past few years, although there is still room for improvement.

The following list is not intended to include academic presses, which are naturally more well known and available more easily:





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