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Where the Media Failed Me


            As I mentioned before I recently moved to my zip code, thus I didn’t know much about the people who live there. As well I went to a boarding school in Massachusetts for high school. The schools location as well as it’s fast pace kept me away from the T.V, something I’m very thankful for since I probably wouldn’t have gotten any of my work done. However, I did read a good deal of new papers and magazines monthly, in particular the New York Times, Popular Science/Mechanics Magazine and the Times. Also whenever I managed to find the common room T.V not in use, I would occasionally flip to the CNN news channel. One could say that I managed to keep myself well informed. Therefore after researching the AIDS data for the Bronx (including my zip code) and comparing it to the nations, I was amazed as to why I have never heard anything about these findings. I then went and researched news articles and television reports, for the last 3 years, to see if maybe I missed something. Out of all the news articles I have read and broadcasts I watched in the last three years, CNN and the New York Times did the best job when it came to reporting AIDS statistics about the NYC. Although I can no longer view the broadcasts named “New York, New York/AIDS” and “Medicine AIDS Conference/ New York City” they were the only two produced by CNN since 2004. The New York Times had a good number of articles relating AIDS in NYC as well. However these articles never talked about the Bronx and that is what I was looking for. However they did talk about condoms.,0,4203728.story?track=rss


One article talks about the controversy following a commercial which promotes safe sex.(E) Another article talks about the city funding free custom condoms to be distributed on city streets.(F) Up to this point I was led to believe that the AIDS situation in my borough was under control. However I now know more, and I’m left asking what can we do to slow this epidemic down?