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Although the education of middle and high school level students can significantly alter these students perception of the AIDS epidemic, the community that is no longer in school will still carry on their prejudices concerning AIDS. I believe that AIDS awareness should be given to all ages, whether or not they are still within the throws of formal education. A tool that has been used in the recent years to educate individuals about the AIDS epidemic is the Internet. Through the anonymous use of the Internet, those seeking AIDS awareness information can do so from the comfort of their own homes. According to a newsletter sent out by the Center for Rural Pennsylvania in 2001, 62 percent of the people living in rural Pennsylvania have personal computers . Therefore, I believe that an Internet website should be established to allow individuals with AIDS receive the information they need in privacy. This particular form of awareness will also be useful for the homosexual individuals living in rural Pennsylvania. The most prevalent mode of transmission in Pennsylvania is men having sexual intercourse with other men. Due to the social prejudice residing in rural Pennsylvania, most of the gay men can not publicly show their sexual prevalence for other men. Therefore, the Internet can be used to allow gay men to access information without the prejudice of the rural community. In order to get the community to view this particular website, information about this site can be sent out to rural areas via email by volunteers. Although individual email is a tedious process, the word hopefully will spread among the community at a relatively fast pace. The use of this website will enable individuals to become informed about the AIDS epidemic and will allow these individuals to access this information in the privacy of their own homes.