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      According to the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, the most common level of education acquired within Rural Pennsylvania is a high school diploma at 41 percent14. Therefore, although not all individuals in rural Pennsylvania finish their degree, approximately 22 percent, 60 percent of the students in rural Pennsylvania will be educated on the AIDS epidemic prior to graduation. Therefore, not every adolescent will be touched by the message of AIDS awareness within high school because some will drop out prior to completing their education. I believe that by implementing this particular STD awareness will enable more adolescents within the Lehigh County to receive the information needed during sexual experiences. Currently, there are four Boys and Girls Clubs within the Lehigh County that serves hundreds of adolescents within the community. By implementing a program that educates the adolescents of the community, I believe that many adolescents can be touched. The STD and AIDS awareness class will be taught within these locations twice a month. I believe that this particular course should be strongly encouraged to be taken and should be required of all students using the Boys and Girls club facility to take. The individuals teaching this course will be volunteers and will be trained in health education or involved in the health career. Therefore, the additional cost of to the Boys and Girls club will be minimal. However, this particular program will allow hundreds of adolescents throughout the Lehigh County to be educated in AIDS awareness. Within the AIDS program, a free condom distribution program will also be implemented in the local Boys and Girls clubs. This enables those who ignored the message taught within the AIDS course to still have the ability to participate in safe sex. Condoms only cost about $0.50 each, therefore in order to provide free condoms for a month to a hundred adolescents will cost $1,500.This is a small percentage of the $1,753,469 income of the Boys and Girls Club in Allentown. Despite this expense, the cost of condoms is minimal to the number of lives that can be saved from this deadly disease.