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     The next time I recall learning about the deadly disease was during my ninth grade required health class at William Allen High School when more emphasis was placed on the use of contraception, which included birth control pills, condoms, etc., rather than discussing the disease that the individual was protecting themselves from. Despite the lack of formal sexual education within the Allentown School District, it appears from my own observations that the students within the district were sexually active. William Allen High School, the largest high school within Allentown, could boast of a thriving, overcrowded childcare facility. This facility was used by students in order to for those young parents to finish their high school education as well as have a safe environment for their children. However, this resource only provided a limited amount of studentsí access to the facility. Due to the extent of the pregnancies, many students were placed on a wait list for childcare; others were forced to leave high school early. This level of promiscuity within my school district formed my naÔve perspective of the AIDS epidemic.