Why is Brooklyn's HIV/AIDS rate so high?


Although there have been more attempts to make people aware of the devastating effects of HIV/AIDS such as counseling, testing, prison education programs and street and community outreach programs, there is still a great threat to many lives. This is merely because certain areas are of lower socioeconomic standing than others. The issue at this point is not only the spread of the disease, but the dilapidation of the areas where the disease is most prevalent, which happens to be in predominantly black neighborhoods. If people were provided with different living conditions and schooling programs, maybe there would be fewer cases. People would not resort to drug use as an escape from their problems. I am not excusing bad habits; I am just stating possible changes that the government could use improve the state of people’s lives, which would in turn change their lifestyles.


Brooklyn's Cumulative AID Diagnoses  (2005)


United State's Cumulative AIDS Diagnoses (2005)


Total Population of Bklyn Total AIDS Cases in Bklyn Total Population of  US Total AIDS Cases in US
2,465,326 38,116 281,421,906 956,019


Rate of Brooklyn = 1546.08

Rate of United State = 339.71



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