Not So Boogie with AIDS

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                        The mean streets of the “boogie down” Bronx (commonly used name for most residents): that would be the cliché way to describe where I  live. When traveling through the area, I often find myself weary because of all the fears of what may happen. Unfortunately, I believe that many other residents in the area experience the same thing because of the notion that the Bronx is dangerous. However, crime in the Bronx has significantly dropped in the last thirty years. Although I have seen my share of crimes (ie. gun fights, stealing, etc.), I still believe that crime is not as prominent as it once was. In addition to the decline in crime, I lived a sheltered childhood. Most of my days were spent at home playing with my sister. Seldom would I visit friends or other relatives. There were many trips to beaches, parks, and other fun places, but these only included my immediate family. I suppose this way of life was good for me because it kept me away from the negative things, some of which were happening in my very own apartment building. In spite of the benefits from keeping me sheltered, I am sad to say that I was held back from knowing the truth about many horrible things, one being a terrible outbreak of AIDS in my community. Sometimes I think “what if I had known about AIDS years ago?” Sure, it could be disturbing for a young person to know the truth, but perhaps that would have been just what I needed to conjure up the courage to do something about it.


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