Endangered Species:


"It is only through the protection of all species of plants and animals and the ecosystems upon which they depend that we will conserve a world for our children with the spiritual, medicinal, agricultural, and economic benefits that plants and animals offer. Moreover, we have a moral responsibility not to drive other species to extinction." (Endangered Species Recovery Act of 1997)



Endangered Species Links:

Here I have compiled several links that are great for exploring the great wealth of information involving endangered species on the web. For those of you interested in where the problems lie, who is combating them and what ideas are currently in circulation to combat species extinction, this is the place to look.

Current Endangered Species Legislation:

On this page, the most pressing endangered species legislation now being circulated and discussed in Congress is reviewed and evaluated. In order to find out what the current legislation issues are, and for easy access to your own congressmen and those sponsoring the various bills, this is the page with the info.