Air Pollution           

In today's environment, pollution is a major concern.   Of this there are several types of pollution.  The one type that this web page is concentrating on is air pollution.  Air pollution stems from many areas including factories, cars, even cigarette smoke to name a few and examples of this are evident in the above pictures except for the last one which is courtesy of Photovault and shows off the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in New York.  (To see more nature pictures from Photovault click on this: Photovault: This major global issue and problem of air pollution is now receiving much publicity as both government and anti-air pollution groups are working on limiting the problem for a better tomorrow.

Smog Busters: An enviornmental advocacy group focusing its' attention on limiting air pollution.  An organization know as the Sierra Club is an excellent place to start finding information on Air Pollution as well as other enviornmental issues.  The Sierra Club is a member-supported organization that promotes the conservation of the natural environment.  In order to do this it influences public policy decisions on the legislative, administrative, legal and electoral levels.                            

Sierra Club: (

Another great enviornmental link to receive more information on issues adressing the environment can be found at the Air and Waste Management page.  This site brings you up to date on many important factors concerning air pollution.

Air and Waste Management:  (

From September 28-30 of 1998, the sixth annual International Conference on Air Pollution will be held in Genova, Italy. It will bring together scientists, research organizations, government and academia who are all striving and share the common goal of managing the problems involved with air pollution. The last five conferences have been very successful and this upcoming one will prove to be as well.

Sixth Anual International Conference on Air Pollution: (

Air pollution can effect many body organs and systems in addition to the environment. The organization known as NAPE (National Association of Physicians for the Environment) was developed to work with national medical specialties, individual physicians as well as others in the field of medicine to deal with the impacts of environmental pollutants on the human body. NAPE is also invloved in global environmental issues such as the protection of biological diversity, something that is considered extremely important to our planet.

National Association of Physicians for the Environment (NAPE): (

Here are some things that you might not have know about in regards to air pollution and things that you can do about the problem. This is an excellent educational site on the topic of air pollution.

Air Pollution Education: (

Here is a site that will bring you to more useful links on air pollution.

Air Pollution Links: (

Another place to learn about actions being taken against air pollution can be found in legislative hearings within government and concerning the issue.  I found it surprising to find how many laws and measures have been taken and are being taken in order to limit this problem.  All types of legislative information can be found on one internet site, including all enviornmental issues such as air pollution.  The site is called Thomas and issues concerning air pollutin can be found by searching for air pollution. Under this search 50 Acts/Bills are brought up to enlighten us.

Legislative Issues:  (

Specific sites that I found on air pollution under Thomas if you don't wish to search for them include:

One Act that I found under Thomas concerned itself with primarily ammending the Clean Air Act by initiating requirements for areas upwind of ozone nonattainment areas and serving other purposes as well.

Transported Air Pollution Mitigation Act of 1997:  (

Other very noteworthy Acts/Bills:

Right-to-Know-More and Pollution Prevention Act of 1997: (

Revised Ozone and Particulate Matter Standards Implementation Act of 1998: (

State and Local Government Interstate Waste Control Act of 1997: (

If you are interested with contacting your own state representative concerning issues regarding air pollution, you can find everything you need to know: their name, phone/fax number, adress, and email adress.

Congessional Link: (

I hope that this page has helped you broaden your knowledge on the issues of air pollution and the measures that are being taken to help lessen this major problem facing our Earth. Remember that you can do something to help our enviornment, every person counts.

Richard W. Oakford

April 1998