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Environmental Legislation

This page is dedicated to environmental legislation that is pending in the 105th Congress. We have tried to focus on pending bills that, if passed, will be beneficial to the environment. Please read through the bills and use our "Contact your Congressmember" to take ACTION!

If you wish to search for bills yourself, contact Thomas.


Energy - This will link you to energy related bills that are pending in Congress. You will also find great information about alternative energy and some informative energy links.

Water Management - This will link you to information about water management, bills concerning water management and to links that will help you learn more about it.

Endangered Species - This will link you to endangered species-related bills and some really interesting endangered species links.

Toxic Substances- This will link you to bills pertaining to soil and groundwater contamination as well as links that concern toxic substances and their regulation.

Forestry - This will link you to bills that affect our forests. You will also be able to linkn to information about forestry.

Air Pollution - This will link you to bills concerning air pollution and to air pollution links

LINKS - Here are some great environmental links!


Take Some action..............

Contact your Congressmember and give the environment a voice. This link will help you figure out who your congressmembers are and how to contact them.