JANUARY 31, 2007


New York City will soon be launching its own official condom. Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration is intent on reducing rates of sexually transmitted diseases by promoting free love gloves, now in snazzy wrappers. The exact design has not yet been decided upon, though the health department says one possibility is a subway theme, complete with maps and colors coordinated with specific lines. The city Health Department recently approved a new $1.57 million contract with Ansell-Lifestyle brand condoms, which guarantees more than 20 million rubbers plus packets of lube. New York is already a bigwig in the condom distribution world, handing out 1.5 million free prophylactics a month, about 18 million a year. They can be found at a variety of local organizations, from bars to nail salons to prison (yes, prison). Still, more than 100,000 New Yorkers are living with HIV and AIDS, and if free goods aren’t quite cutting it, then making them pretty better do the job.

Volume 20, Issue 5

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