What Test Will Be Used?


Probably the quickest way of testing is OraSure/ OraQuick. According to “Saliva-Based Testing among Secondary School Students in Tanzania using the OraQuick Rapid HIV ˝ Antibody Assay” in the Annals of the New York Academy of Science it says that OraQuick is easy to collect, and it reduces the chances of accidental injuries(3). It also stated that the testing was a cost-effective alternate to blood testing that took a much longer time to get the results, but is more precise. The way that OraQuick works is that the inside of the mouth is swabbed to collect the saliva. Next the device measures and determines if there are antibodies for HIV. Since it only takes about twenty minutes to get results and requires a drop of blood or oral fluid, it makes it much easier to test people who tend to move a lot. Another benefit from this test is that it costs about forty to fifty dollars per person; thus, it would not cost the government a lot of money. The number might seem high to a few, but if it helps identify patients who are infected with HIV so that they can cease the spread of the disease it will be beneficial.