A Few More Notes


So by having doctors rotating throughout the shelters twice a month to test the homeless and people who are ashamed of their sexual orientation, by using OraQuick, the people will be able to know if they are infected or not. Especially since most do not have the means to get tested on their own. The cost of the program would be included in the overall tuition, which does not have to be paid immediately. Also, the classes and free condoms would make the people more aware of AIDS and how it gets spread so that people will reduce the spread of the disease. Doing this program will not only make people more aware of the disease, but it should reduce the amount of AIDS cases in Santa Ana.

            When I first commenced this course I had not know the degree of how bad the AIDS rate is in Santa Ana. This was caused mainly because there was a lack of information that the media was putting out. After I made some correlations I found out that the average median of income is significantly one of the causes. It turned out that the less amount of money that people made, the more cases of AIDS there would be. Thus, the program that I have set forth will mainly target the homeless because they are mainly the ones who are not earning the sufficient amount of money and who cannot afford to get proper treatment. Hopefully, targeting this group of people will have a beneficial effect in that the amount of AIDS patients will decrease in Santa Ana.