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One solution that will introduce change is the encouragement of African Americans to go to the doctor, and for doctors to be obligated to suggest HIV testing to their patients. Along with this suggestion, there will be information provided to the person about the severity of AIDS in New York State. This alteration in the doctor’s procedure will produce great results, in respect patients becoming aware of the AIDS epidemic and understanding the importance of HIV testing. Another solution includes the sales of sterile syringes in pharmacies in Harlem. Sterile syringes sales in pharmacies will be most effective in zip codes where the IDU percentages are the highest. These sales have already proven to be effective in Harlem (1), and thus must continue to with this procedure. The last solution is a free HIV Testing Day for Manhattan residents. Many complain about the inability to be tested because of financial reasons, but this gives everyone, to be tested without financial liability to the doctor and/or insurance company. This not only targets African American IDUs, but targets all races of all ages, enforcing HIV/AIDS awareness and education.