The solutions that I am proposing for the IDU problem in the Hispanic community and other races affected by this Mode of Transmission in the Bronx, New York are the following: to provide prevention information for the non-English Hispanic population. Information should be provided in large quantities in places like bodegas (local grocery stores), night clubs, buildings and schools. Also, the communities that are most affected by the AIDS epidemic should lead the fight against the disease in their own communities. The local government should set up programs within schools and the community that are taught by volunteering students on needle sharing. Finally, pamphlets that educate South Bronx IDUs on what ESAP is and where they could find pharmacies that are registered as legal sellers of over the counter syringes.

            In conclusion, as I progressed along with this project of learning of what HIV/AIDS is, how it affects our communities and what we could do to solve or address the problem; I came to realize and learn that in most of all of the twenty-seven zip codes in the Bronx, New York the AIDS epidemic is very large. On this last section, I came up with solutions to address the AIDS epidemic. I choose to find a solution for the IDU population in the Bronx. A good way to address the problem would be inexpensive, while providing services and information to help the IDU population. Finally, it is important to think on the points I have stated as solutions and try to make them happen in our society. We must also try to never forget that we must continue asking ourselves: what can we do to solve the problem that the AIDS epidemic has become in our societies?