In conclusion, I believe that education is the key to lowering the AIDS rate within the rural areas of Pennsylvania. Although it is impossible to lower the AIDS rate per 100,000 to 0 cases, by educating the adolescents of the harms associated with AIDS, citizens of Pennsylvania can ensure that the future will be a healthier one. When I was initially began this class and the research on the AIDS epidemic within my community, I did not truly believe that there was even a problem in my area. As the other Pennsylvanians harboring a bias towards the AIDS epidemic, I believed that true problems of the disease spreading were in larger cities rather than a small rural town like Allentown. Despite these initial beliefs, I now realize that the AIDS epidemic is not bias towards the areas it infects but that AIDS can spread in all areas of the world. Unless the individuals of Pennsylvania can receive an informational education regarding the AIDS epidemic, the future of the citizens of Pennsylvania will be filled with disease, death, and heartache.