Government Involvement

Although private efforts to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS are visible, it is not only the responsibility of these individuals and organizations to combat the disease. The government is also expected to care for its citizens and make people aware, but it has not done nearly enough. In 2006, Controller William Thompson reported that funding designated for HIV/AIDS treatment in Brooklyn, the Bronx and Queens was given to programs in Manhattan and Staten Island. Initially, there was supposed to be approximately $471 million dollars to provide poorer citizen and minorities with legal aid, counseling and support, but many organizations were left with less aid and some with none at all. The Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation A in East New York was said to have lost $400,000 in funding. The money was intended to provide money for HIV/AIDS clients who were facing eviction. Many other organizations are facing similar problems, and nothing has been done to fix the situation. As of 2006, Manhattan received twice as much funding as originally planned, and Staten Island received approximately seven times as much. People in poorer neighborhoods who are in desperate need of the money have been completely neglected (1). As important as this story was, there was only one article about it online. The lack of coverage could be due to an attempt by the government to conceal it, or due to people’s decision to ignore the problem.




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